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Populaces always had many problems to see flash animations by Apple products or smartphones, but happy for you this problem does not exist any more. HTML5 has been created, which is used instead of Flash animations and can be seen in every Apple's product as well as in smartphones.

We offer you various kinds of HTML5 templates on different kinds of themes. Templates can be easily changed and you can make any change in any HTML editor.

To preview any HTML5 template just click on the small thumbnail. To preview that template full size, select the "Click here to preview in new window"
Trust us to take the best care of your web site needs easily, simply, and at low cost !

Gadgets Repair HTML5 template
Name:Gadgets Repair
Type: HTML5 template
Product ID:7300111832T
Price: $19

Astrology HTML5 template
Type: HTML5 template
Product ID:7300111819T
Price: $19

Hotel HTML5 template
Type: HTML5 template
Product ID:7300111814T
Price: $19

Radio Station HTML5 template
Name:Radio Station
Type: HTML5 template
Product ID:7300111793T
Price: $25

Indian Restaurant HTML5 template
Name:Indian Restaurant
Type: HTML5 template
Product ID:7300111759T
Price: $14


What does "Wordpress (CMS) template" represent? - Now CMS platform is a popular all over the internet. No one wants to change things of their site in a source code. Wordpress CMS saves your money, work and time too and it makes Wordpress templates a very good asset. Wordpress templates which are presented here www.7templates.com are designed in a high quality.

They are too simple to edit and are suitable for every personal and corporate Wordpress sites too.

Preschool Theme Wordpress template
Name:Preschool Theme
Type: Wordpress template
Product ID:7300111913T
Price: $39

Kindergarten Wordpress template
Type: Wordpress template
Product ID:7300111897T
Price: $39

Radio One Wordpress template
Name:Radio One
Type: Wordpress template
Product ID:7300111894T
Price: $35

BW Radio Wordpress template
Name:BW Radio
Type: Wordpress template
Product ID:7300111892T
Price: $35

Black Label Wordpress template
Name:Black Label
Type: Wordpress template
Product ID:7300111889T
Price: $45


With our newest product - Bootstrap Template - the process of template customization becomes extremely easy. You don't need any other tools except of any HTML editor. Our Bootstrap html Templates allow you to edit your text, button labels, e-mail form, background music, and pictures by any HTML editor, so absolutely no Flash experience is required from you.

The Bootstrap Templates have another big advantage - Easy Mail Form. Only write your e-mail address in the contact_config.php file and your contact form gets completely functional!

Get the full advantage of our newest offer and customize your template as easily as never before.

Tennis Club Bootstrap template
Name:Tennis Club
Type: Bootstrap template
Product ID:7300111916T
Price: $26

CWorld - Multi-Purpose Bootstrap template
Name:CWorld - Multi-Purpose
Type: Bootstrap template
Product ID:7300111915T
Price: $19

Rent a car Bootstrap template
Name:Rent a car
Type: Bootstrap template
Product ID:7300111914T
Price: $23

Health Center Bootstrap template
Name:Health Center
Type: Bootstrap template
Product ID:7300111912T
Price: $19

Wedding day Bootstrap template
Name:Wedding day
Type: Bootstrap template
Product ID:7300111911T
Price: $19

Dynamic Photo GalleryAdmin Flash Templates

What is a "GalleryAdmin Flash template"? All photographers, artists, and people interested in creating their own web site photo gallery, but lacking the skills for flash and web design, are able to purchase a GalleryAdmin flash template to make building a web gallery as easy as possible

What makes it so easy?
The answer is simple - you can easily insert, add or delete your images in different template categories or create new categories by the GalleryAdmin Flash template Admin-Control Panel. You can also easily change text without any flash design knowledge as everything is given outside the *.fla file. All template contents is contained in a "text.html" file and you can edit it by using any text editor, for example "Notepad".
Using "GalleryAdmin" flash template is as simple as 1, 2, 3 . Always ready to support you ! Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

My Photos GalleryAdmin Flash
Name:My Photos
Type: GalleryAdmin Flash
Product ID:7300111272T
Price: $25

Tattoo GalleryAdmin Flash
Type: GalleryAdmin Flash
Product ID:7300111265T
Price: $25

Personal page GalleryAdmin Flash
Name:Personal page
Type: GalleryAdmin Flash
Product ID:7300111251T
Price: $25

Photo Portfolio GalleryAdmin Flash
Name:Photo Portfolio
Type: GalleryAdmin Flash
Product ID:7300111238T
Price: $25

Photographer GalleryAdmin Flash
Type: GalleryAdmin Flash
Product ID:7300111211T
Price: $27

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